May 26, 2015

Talking Drum with Baba Ade Wallace

Level – Advanced
Area – Drum
Country – Nigeria

Baba Adesose will deliver advanced workshop on the wonderful rhythms of West Africa’s Talking Drum. Countries such as Nigeria, Gambia, Mali and Guinea, all have talking drums in their rhythms and though the drum may change aesthetically depending on the tradition, there is a commonality in the technique of playing. This unique instrument, with a wide range of sounds, sometimes reaching a whole octave, hangs over the shoulder with a strap and is held underneath the armpit.  You will learn the history of how  the Talking Drum features ceremonially, how to play ‘call and response’ patterns and come up will your own phrases. You will also learn a few choruses of West African songs to accompany the rhythms. Some drums will be provided, if you have the Yoruba Iyalu drum, Ghanaian Donno drum or Tama, then you are welcome to bring it along.  Drums will also be available for hire from Ghana Goods (Best to book in advance).

About Baba Ade

Born in Ilorin (Kwara state) Nigeria to parents from Ghana and Sierra Leone, Baba Adesose has a very rich heritage. On completing primary education in Ghana, he moved to Sierra Leone in the 50s to attend Sierra Leone Grammar school in Freetown­ he later returned to Lagos in Nigeria where he attended Gaskia college for further education. His musical career began during his early days of school where he was a member of the choir and school band, also playing popular band music and given the opportunity to express himself when he met a group of musicians called ‘The Heartbeats’, which he eventually joined. He went everywhere with them, learning to become a musician. Through this band he had the privilege to get further experience and mentoring from great African musicians like the late Miriam Makeba and renowned Hugh Masekela. In 1977 He participated in the 2nd World Festival of Black Arts and Culture (FESTAC 77) in Lagos. In 1978 he moved to London where he now lives. An Accomplished Master Drummer, Band Leader and Musician, he has taught and performed extensively in England and many parts of Europe, giving joy and happiness to many people. Baba Adesose was part of W.O.M.A.D at Shepton Mallet 1982 playing with Gasper Lawal’s Oro Band. Today he is one of the elders and indeed senior teachers at the annual Tribe of Doris summer school.

One thought on “Talking Drum with Baba Ade Wallace

  • Hi Ade! 😀Looking👀 forward to seeing you soon for some Dambataka. Will bring my talking drum💖 April, Ed & Charlie

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