Orixás Dances in Brazil

Who are the Orixas? In Candomblé, one of the most important aspects are the different deities called Orixás who are seen to hold the elements around us that reflect spirits. Manifestations of the Orixás accompany us through nature, in the movement of a river, or the kind earthly majesty of a tree. They are honoured[…]

Community and our Collective Responsibility

‘The Big Society ‘… ‘We are all in this together’… ‘It takes a village to raise a child’… These phrases bring to mind an ideal way we might interact with each other to create a happy society that takes collective responsibility for the care of others.  But times, as always, are changing. Increasingly we live[…]


Tribe of Doris is about building bridges across our world. Whether in a field in the English countryside or seeking opportunities across the ocean. A few months ago we endeavoured to give life to the beautiful imaginings of what would become ONE. A bridge between South Africa and England. A dance piece that has come from[…]

P2 – From the Cornish lass to the Rapid Response Poet: Reflections on Immigration

Read the second instalment in Reflections on Immigration by the Rapid Response Poet PART TWO: “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” ~ George Orwell (1903-1950) ~ The Winds of Islamaphobia A strange wind blew, slowly at first Then, came in sinister bursts, It came through the TVs and radio[…]

P1 – From the Cornish lass to the Rapid Response Poet: Reflections on Immigration

Deasy Bamford is co-founder of the Tribe of Doris. A born and bred Cornish lass  who has always admired the richness of the world’s cultures. Alongside her commitment and passion for creativity, Deasy has been a prolific member of the Bristol community for many years. Leading on social incentives and grassroots movements she has forged[…]