October 30, 2015

Disabilities & Accessibility

The Summer School is situated at Stanford Hall, where six centuries of English heritage merge beautifully with a breathtaking natural backdrop that is timeless.


  • The site is relatively wheelchair friendly as there are only a couple of gentle slopes.
  • There are disabled toilet facilities on the field and near the stable block
  • We have a camping area designated for those with mobility issues which is as close as possible to all the action!
  • The stable block does not have any lifts so unfortunately the accommodation within Stanford Hall is not wheelchair accessible.  (There are around 15 steps)
  • If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask us anything at admin@tribeofdoris.co.uk

PonyAxeS at the Summer School 2018

Tribe of Doris welcomes all people of all abilities. For this reason 2018 will be the year when Tribe of Doris will be the first event in the world to provide additional help for wheelchair users with the help of PonyAxeS. Simon Mulholland will be on hand and with the help of his pony Obama will make sure all wheelchair users can use the site and surrounding grounds with an Ibex pony drawn wheelchair friendly vehicle. Wheelchair users can travel around in 100% safety, whilst still in their wheelchair due to the revolutionary quick release system. PonyAxeS is about access rather than a horse drawn activity although it’s a great way to get around. None wheelchair users who have mobility issues will also be able to use the service. When not in use for the less mobile there will be opportunities for everyone to try it out. For more information please visit https://ponyaxes.com/safety/


One of our participants Tegan Vincent-Cooke helped to make a film about living with cerebral palsy


If you do not feel you can afford to come to Doris there are numerous opportunities to volunteer with us and still have time to enjoy workshops, open mic nights and performances.  Please follow this link for more info

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