March 27, 2015


Please fill out an application form if you would like a stall this summer

Spirit of Senegal is run by Sara Seydi.  She buys all the products directly from artists, producers and traders in Senegal and Gambia, at mutually agreed prices. She also make clothes, jewellery and crafts using materials bought there. The tourism industry there is currently facing a slump, which greatly affects the lives of these artists and traders. You can be assured that if you buy something from Spirit of Senegal, these people will benefit directly, as any profits are re-invested into purchasing more stock from Senegal and Gambia.

Whirling Dervish has the UK's most extensive and comprehensive collection of unique dance wear designs from Cairo to Casablanca, the universe and beyond. Authentic, rich fabrics, jewel encrusted accessories, veils, scarves, hip belts - everything you need!  We have Cabaret costumes available 'off the shelf' or for something really special let Whirling Dervish design and create a stunning costume just for you. Tribal, Gypsy and Folk costumes all carefully researched and sourced from North Africa and the Middle East.

Malika Rachel & Malika sell an eclectic mix of fairly traded Home Furnishings, Gifts & Jewellery from the Sahara region of West Africa.  They began the business in 1988, in Senegal, by selling children's clothes and African cloth. From there, we have been slowly expanding and have travelled to Mali and Burkina Faso buying jewellery and hand woven textiles.  They  were one of the pioneers to bring Djembe drums to the UK in 1989. They ran a traditional Music School in Senegal from 1997-2001, which gave many musicians the chance to travel and work in the UK and brought traditional Senegalese music to the forefront of the festival circuit.


Ghana Goods is run by Ben Lawrence.  He imports drums, xylophones, bells and shakers from some of the most renowned instrument makers in Ghana. we also stock Ghanaian furniture, sculpture, clothes and textiles. They have strong long-term connections with the craftsmen who produce our goods, and have a firm commitment to using environmentally sustainable materials and Fair Trade ethics.

The African Emporium will be selling high quality drums and other African products.  More info coming soon!

Mama Zells will be selling a boutique selection of Moroccan Clothing, Crafts and Crystals. Specialising in Selenite Crystal Lamps and wands for healing rejuvenation. More info coming soon!

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  • Hi There,
    I have just come across your event and thought that you might like to consider some flags for the event.
    I work for a company who provide site decor to large events, festivals, weddings and many other functions.
    We specialise is putting up flags and have a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes available. Typically these are best used to bring attention to certain areas or stages, used along walkways to indicate a suggested route, used to mark out site boundaries or to highlight certain areas of necessity such as emergency exits, water or bathroom facilities.
    The smallest flags stand at around 6m in height so really raise the roof of a site as well as the colours being able to create an atmosphere and ambience for all to enjoy.
    We are also able to offer a delightful installation we call the hammock flower. 14 wooden hammock frames are errected in a circle to represent the petals of a flower, roughly 14 5m fabric blade flags create a wall in the middle to represent the corona and then two 14m flags in the centre are the stamen. The hammocks are put out in the morning and taken in at the evening, they provide a fun, free area people can relax and take a break out of the sun.
    If you would like to know more please don’t hesitate to email me at
    Many thanks,
    Harry Colsell

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