For 8 years Tribe of Doris has hosted the Music and Voice workshop area, the Koo Kou’s stage and the Shamanic Tipi in the Meadow. We are extremely proud to be involved with such an inspiring and pioneering festival and organisation and bring the best teachers and artist together to spread our love of music and culture.

‘Pioneering, intimate and truly innovative, Shambala Festival has blended creativity and participation perfectly for well over a decade. Shambala is a truly special place where you play, revitalise, and return to the world full of joy.’

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Unfamiliar with Shambala? Check out their infectious festival good in the Official 2015 Movie!

Music and Voice Workshops

Sitting back and watching the world go by is all well and good but the Music and Voice Workshops in the meadows will make you jump up and get down to joyful business of music making. Get your uke out or borrow one of ours for some summer strumming, twist your tongue around songs from as near as Wales or as far as Zimbabwe or fill your lungs for a blast on a kudu horn. There’s all this and more and no excuses for not having a pop at something new.

kou kous for websiteKoo Kou’s

When twilight falls and the night owls coo, all the creatures in the Meadow will be transported by exotic melodies and entrancing rhythms from all corners of the globe. Music from everywhere and nowhere; now here in Koo Kou’s. The groove starts at dusk with bands, solo artists and DJs every eve ’til midnight. Follow the trail of glowing bird tracks to find us, and you might find yourself a Koo Kou-ing creature of the Meadow after dark!

If you would like to get in touch about performing or teaching at Shambala please email