October 28, 2015

Teacher Application

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  • better than all the previous years i sence a good one “oo 00”
    the happiest days of my life , fact , doris brought magic back into my life , thanks all us doris
    x x

  • Using Xylophones/Balafon from Ghana, looking at traditional rhythms and improvisational techniques. Developing our rhythmic sense and ability to play as a group. Ben aims to set people at ease, giving them confidence in their ability to understand, enjoy and feel the music, filling your head and body with rhythm.

    A ‘cellist from nine, studying music at Dartington College of Arts. He trained as a Community Musician setting up Community Music Wales. He played and toured with the folk group ‘Aberjaber’ and percussion ensemble‘Drum Orchestra’. He is a renowned teacher running music workshops across the country for over twenty years. In 1992 Ben studied for a year in West Africa, returning annually to Ghana, learning from some of Ghana’s leading performers and teachers. He is also the director of Ghana Goods, importing and selling musical instrument.

  • Ballet Nimba is currently seeking partners to work with us on our audience development tour “We Are Nimba” for 2017. This will feature authentic cultural exchanges in the form of workshops, film screenings and short performances across England in the run up to our larger UK tour of a large scale new production in 2017-18. The “We are Nimba” project will be supported by ACE so that we can make it accessible to smaller events and festivals as well as schools and community groups. We know you know our work already so if your interested in having us do something for the Summer School in 2017 then do get in touch with penny@balletnimba.org.uk. It would be really great to have your support.
    Further info:
    Idrissa Camara is an outstanding dance artist, ADAD Trailblazer in 2015 and award-winning choreographer/ film maker from Guinea Conakry. He has been principle choreographer with some of the leading dance and music companies in West Africa and has now made the UK his home with regular sold out workshops in London. In 2010 he founded Ballet Nimba, an African Dance Theatre Company who perform nationally and internationally. Idrissa is also a music recording artist having produced an album Sogay with his company’s musicians and more recently directed his first film Fare Ta (Land of Dance) which won Best Documentary Short at the Silicon Valley African Film Festival. and more recently the International Film Festival of North Hollywood.

    Idrissa is a real joy to watch and an inspiration for many. As a teacher, his knowledge of Guinean dance is unrivalled, and in his classes,music and song and explanation of the dance’s origin, all help to accelerate the students’ learning.

  • workshop proposed title & brief description..
    MOVE WITH DEEPER CONTACT – move free, explore listening into deeper contact with our body selves, the elements & each other.

    so not full on contact impro as aimed at maturer bodies and crossing towards the BMC deep anatomy journeying….
    enough? appropriate? explicit? — sky

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