July 15, 2015

The Healing Field


The Summer School Healing Area is hosted by the beautiful Helen Baddon.

  • This year we have several therapists who will help you relax and rejuvenate
  • Introducing the Simply Rawgeous sauna which has a glass roof so you can watch the stars whilst you cleanse.  This discrete space is kept clean offering a safe space for people to let go and unwind, to be still and be silent, or to sing and socialise. A sauna pass for the whole event (Weds to Sun) costs £25, or just £4 per session. You can purchase pre event passes for £20 here
  • There will also be a raw food café providing delicious, healthy food and drink options, the perfect place to relax whilst refuelling!
  • We are excited to launch the cosmic workshop space this year, so watch out for more details coming soon!!


Lawrence – Chirology (Hand Analysis)

Chirology (hand analysis) is the study of the shape, fingers, lines and dermatoglyphic of the hand, reflecting your psychology, character, health, genetics, and emotions. The size and shape of the hand is determined largely by hormones, while the palmar lines are a result of the interaction between a person’s brain and nervous system. The hands are a map of your mind!

Lawrence is one of the UK’s leading hand analyst with over 10 years professional experience, giving reading for self-development, careers, and relationship advice. As well as his private practice in Bristol Lawrence gives presentation, teaches, and works at private parties, weddings, corporate events, and festivals. Lawrence has a Diploma in Chirology and has studied in the UK, Sweden, France, and India. He also holds a BSc in Chinese Medicine and is studying an MSc in Psychology.


Heather – Shiatsu

Love and gratitude to be returning this year to the Healing Field at Tribe of Doris!

I am so delighted to be offering Shiatsu at Tribe of Doris 2018… I love how the beautiful vibes of the festival dance through the tent while working with body and soul.

The essence of Shiatsu bodywork is to connect profoundly with the physical and energetic systems of the body, to enrich and enliven the life of the receiver…. to dive deep into meeting those who come to receive healing. It is a gift to do this work in the world and I feel blessed to be part of this amazing festival.

“Heather’s touch and presence has supported me in a myriad of different physical and emotional states. I always leave our sessions feeling like I’ve come back to myself in some way – sunk a bit deeper, found a sense of peace and relief – which is priceless. It’s a gift I give to myself and I particularly appreciate that grounding experience within the high energy of a festival.” Caroline


Aurore – Shiatsu

I’m so excited to be back at Tribe of Doris this year offering shiatsu.

The creative and vibrant energy of this amazing event nicely merge with the healing power of shiatsu. There’s real magic happening on body, mind and spirit when combined with the sound of the drums kicking in the background!

“The heart of my shiatsu practice is love, presence, connection, spaciousness, compassion, depth, powerful & subtle touch, and sensitivity”.

Bryn – Massage and Space for Healing Exploration

I’m a body, mind, spirit, shamanic, juggling, tea drinking, Daoist, human (some of which I’m qualified at) and I wish to break new ground for myself by being playful with the idea of no expectations and where it will lead.

Expectations when going to see a therapist lead us into wanting to be fixed and in so doing makes someone a fixer or healer. If we remove that expectation then it becomes a discussion (which could be verbal, physical or metaphysical) between two people on equal footing and in doing we both become healers and healed which is a win, win, situation.
Enter the Mystery Tent if you wish to explore the riches of this world in its fullest as an equal and find the gems that we didn’t know we were looking for.

So, where will it lead?

Tea whilst juggling with ideas on what could help you. Then a journey into the body to find the unexpected treasure that it holds. That journey could take several forms from guided meditation to bodywork.

As a qualified massage therapist, nearly qualified shiatsu practitioner and studying movement and shamanism. I am capable of holding a safe space for whatever you wish to bring whether it is emotional trauma, insomnia, or muscle pain

Holly – Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Holistic Massage

My fascination with complementary therapies started 3 years ago when I saw the power of massage helping a dear friend. I qualified in aromatherapy, holistic massage, and reflexology last summer. With a thirst to understand the science behind the disciplines I started university in Cardiff last September to become a complementary healthcare practitioner.

My passion is sharing the knowledge I have learnt particularly in communities.

Everyone should have these beautiful healing practises at their fingertips!

Last year I ran workshops in the cosmic workspace and this year I am blessed to have a healing space of my very own. Love and light, Holistic Holly.

Katie – Guided Meditations with Drumming, Energy Medicine, Deep Tissue Massage

Awenydd Innerwork, Innerwork can provide ways to assist us directly access wisdom through experience. When working with challenges, core beliefs, repeated life patterns, physical or emotional pain and trauma, this inner wisdom can transform our wounds into gifts and enhance our capacities for self-healing, self-empowerment, and self-actualisation.

Katie works as an awenydd and complementary healthcare practitioner from North Cymru, working from a depth of training and experience that came from working to improve her health from bedbound chronic nerve pain to where she is now; assisting others to improve their health and wellbeing through bodywork and innerwork; Katie blends ancient and more recent practices with the common sense of her own experiences.

 Deep Tissue Massage, Energy Massage (working to clear stagnant qi and bring in free flowing qi as well as physical massage), Holistic Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Therapeutic Interventions for Musculoskeletal Injuries, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage. Any of these or a combination tailed specifically for you. Back, head, neck, shoulders, legs, arms, hand, feet, abdomen, combination.

Guided Meditations with Meditation Drumming
 One to one or group guided meditations with meditation drumming for insights, learning, empowerment, tailored to your intentions and wishes for each session. Learning from the awen – that inner, universal and nature wisdom that we all have the potential to access.

Shaman and Energy Medicine work
 Working deeply to clear that which no longer serves us, assisting the clearing of blocked energies, repeated life patterns and the clearing of imprints/affinities that attracted these blocked energies and patterns in the first place, rewriting these imprints with new empowered ways of being. This can work include illuminations, energy clearing, energy and entity release, past soul contract release and life essence piece retrieval (also known as soul part retrieval).

Brian – Sports Massage, Quiromasaje

Brian Cervera from Catalonia developed his skills for massage straight out of school where he studied at the Academy de Quiros in Vinaros gaining diplomas in Quiromasaje, Specialist Quiromasaje, including Sports Massage, Deep Tissue and Massage for Relaxation, Vacuum Cupping Therapy and Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

He went on to study with Head Medic of Barcelona FC and worked with athletes in Ulldecona Football Club and various marathons and triathlons. In the UK he offers treatments in Wrexham and at many events including Glastonbury Festival, One Tribe and Buddhafields.

With a science based approach combined with experienced based practices, Brian works to assist relieve chronic pain, aches, stiffness, stress, anxiety, and mobility restrictions in addition to assisting rehabilitate the body from work and sport related injuries through quiromasaje, sports massage, deep tissue massage, massage for relaxation, reflexology, and vacuum cupping therapy.

Deep Tissue Massage
For relief of aches and pains, stiffness, stress, and tension.

Sports Massage
For injury rehabilitation and promoting health and fitness

Massage practices taught in Catalonia working with a variety of smooth, flowing, deep techniques to assist your health and wellbeing.

Working with reflex areas in the feet to release tension, promote relaxation and assist health of the body.

Massage for Relaxation
Massage techniques relaxation and rejuvenation.

7 thoughts on “The Healing Field

  • Hi, my name is Tamsin. I came to your beautiful vibrant festival last year and this year I would love to work at your healing field. I’m aware I might be a little late in the day, but thought I’d ask. I offer journey work with conscious breath work (including rebirthing), somatic body awareness, Vortex Energy Healing, Theta Healing (Belief work) and Conscious Touch Holistic Massage. I hold a clear and compassionate energetic space to process and release difficulties. Essentially I help people get to the root of emotional difficulties, psychological patterns and physical conditions, help things release and clear, to heal from inside out.

    With love Tamsin

    • Hi Tamsin

      Thanks for your enquiry, but as you predicted it is a little late in the day. Best to get in touch around Jan/Feb 2018 for next year.
      Many thanks
      Doris x

  • Dear one,,

    I would love to take a part on your Healing Field. I am a Reiki and Reconnective Healing practitioner and also Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer and Teacher . I can offer group blessings with Love Peace Harmony Divine Soul Song and with my soul song and more. Also I can offer one to one consultation and blessings for every aspect of life. Soul dance, soul tapping and singing the most powerful blessing song for Love Peace Harmony and offer them this song as a free gift. Please contact me 07966486889 or email to my mail address please info@hilal.org.uk . Or please let me know how can I apply. Thank yo for all your help. With Love and Light

  • Hi there, I would like to apply to come and join the healing fields team at Doris this year. I am a fully qualified massage therapist (holistic, remedial & Kahuna) and reflexologist and am currently training to be a cranial sacral therapist. I have been teaching yoga for over 15 years (adults and children) in London and run retreats in the UK and Europe. If my skill set looks interesting to you and you feel it would be an asset to have me join then please let me know how I can apply.

    Many Thanks,

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