December 1, 2014

Getting There and Facilities

  • Held in the stunning 900 acre grounds of Stanford Hall in Lutterworth, Leicestershire, LE17 6DH
    Gates open 12 noon on Wednesday 7th August .
    Whichever day you arrive please arrive by 10pm as that is when the gates close!
    Everyone should be off site by 7pm Sunday 11th August
    No pets allowed, sorry!  Although our hosts at Stanford Hall have a dog that you may see in the grounds. 

Come by Coach from Bristol!!!

Book your transportation from Bristol to Stanford Hall and return by coach here.
Leaving from Central Bristol on Wednesday 7th August right to Tribe of Doris Festival
Returning Sunday 11th August at 6pm.
Buy an Adult/Teen ticket here age 13+
Buy a Child ticket here 5+

By Train

Rugby is the closest train station to Stanford Hall.

By Air

If you are flying to Doris the nearest airports are:

  • East Midlands (40 minutes)
  • Birmingham Airport (40 minutes)
  • Stansted Airport (London) (70 minutes)
  • Luton Airport (London) (70 minutes)
  • Heathrow (London) (2 hours)
Other tips & recommendations
  • It's lovely to travel with someone you've just met, reduce your carbon footprint and share travel costs! We will create a lift sharing page on Facebook nearer the time.
  • If you want to bring in a live-in vehicle you will need to purchase a 'campervan pass' which costs £25.
  • If you are travelling by car please buy a 'car park pass' (£10 for up to 5 days)
  • If you are just coming for a day then you can buy a car pass for £5
  • Link to Carbon offsetting


Rugby is the closest train station to Stanford Hall. Taxis cost around £20 one way.

Taxi companies: Compass 01788 222222  or Call a car 01788 540800

Car Directions

(click on the highlighted city for full directions)

  • From Bristol (2 hours 10 mins) & the South West
  • From Birmingham (45 mins)
  • From London (2 hours) & the South East
  • From York (2 hours 15 mins) & the North East
  • From Manchester (2 hours 20 mins) & the North West

2 thoughts on “Getting There and Facilities

  • Hi Su!

    Ifyou join the facebook page for Tribe of Doris nearer the event a travel group springs up by fellow travellers that wat to car share or travel together – I hope that helps & sorry for the delay – a direct email is always best.

    The Tribe x

  • Hi

    i would love to attend Tribe of Doris this year for the first time. I live in Birmingham and looking for someone to travel with and share accommodation..Im a 55yr old female and would love to link up with other females traveling to Doris alone. Im not driving at the mo but will contribute to fuel costs.

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