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“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” ~ George Orwell (1903-1950) ~

The Winds of Islamaphobia

A strange wind blew, slowly at first
Then, came in sinister bursts,
It came through the TVs and radio news
Broadcasting opinions designed to confuse
Searching for those with frightened views
Looking for a lodging in vulnerable hearts
And minds too empty of dreams to start
Adjusting to change and welcoming those
Who worship differently and wear different clothes

The wind pedaled fear like a market trader
Blowing through her Hijab as though it made her
No longer a traveler with a story unknown
No longer a nieghbour who lived in a home
No longer a mother who’s kids go to school
The winds of Islamaphobia blew in cruel.

Sometimes the winds blew in force 8 gales
Twisting and distorting common folk’s tales
History forgotten, relationships smashed
Hopes of integration wind swept and dashed
The storms reached crescendos
With wild innuendo’s
The truth of the matter blown clean away
The voices too soft that stood up to say
“This is ridiculous and makes no sense
what has happened to our tolerance,
The British values of which we’re so proud?”
But the winds blew hard and the winds blew loud
Fueling only fear in this religion of peace.
Once started to blow the wind couldn’t cease
Dividing the nation into them or us
Making it fearsome to sit on the bus
Sharing a journey with roots in the past
We don’t know what to say, and we all wear a mask

The wind turned to gusts that blew through the night
Looking for fires waiting to ignite
An unreasonable spark to flash into flames
Seeking out strangers to carry the blame
For a society’s inabilities to comprehend,
How someone who’s different could still be a friend
Who has the concerns, that all people share,
To live a good life and thread it with prayer
Follow the wisdom of a prophet’s inspiration
And this becomes the focus of our separation.

I’ve done some reading and a bit of research
The things that I found they made me lurch
And reach for a branch to steady myself,
Read the Muslim manifesto that’s there on the shelf
The manifesto’s motto is not too small
“Our Politics? An ethical Britain for all”
So from where do these winds generate
This aint no wind of a natural state.
Who cranks the handle that brings on the storm
Where religious bigotry becomes the norm?

Its politically expedient to add this ingredient
Deflect attention, from crimes we don’t want to mention
Targeting Islam’s a distraction from the truth
Political capital is made with no proof
Wild claims are published that hype up the fear,
Close undercover there’s a cause that is near
To the elite of the nation which is served by fabrication
To infer in the subliminal
This religion is the criminal
Outweighing the peaceful practice that is prayerful.
So we focus on the few who choose to,
Subvert their own religion of peace
Declaring a war with no release,
A fatal error,
Like the war on terror.
Binding them tight to
Weapons and distraction.
Creating wealth for the fraction
Who are pulling all the strings.
The very ones that blow this wind.
There’s folks at the top who don’t want it to stop
They are the gremlins that keep us all trembling
Thinking it’s the hijab that will take us to the brink
Because otherwise we’d think
What the hell has a dress code got to do with the state of affairs?
The Minaret and mosque roof, the call to prayers
Are they the architecture of fear
Or a celebration of Islamic aspiration?

The result of myopia in the dominant media,
With half truths to feed ya.
Ungodly capitalism
A crazy fundamentalism
Becomes the prism
Through which we see
The differences between you and he or she and me
We’re consumed with distraction and can’t take the actions
That would recognize the false winds from the true.
All religions have wisdoms to give,
They can also divide
and make us want to hide
From the questions that arise
When different beliefs are side by side.
Human interaction over millennia
Hasn’t always been friendly or familiar
We wont always agree
On the ways we choose to be
In this time of global connection
Where even our histories move in new directions
If we keep an open mind
I know we can find
A future that includes each and every kind
And is not destroyed by the winds of malevolence
But supported by the breezes of peaceful benevolence
Bringing understanding of the things that bind us
And our stories can remind us
That by doing things together
We change our perception of the weather.
Islamaphobia is anti Muslim rascism
That has no place in
The future that we’re facing!

Muslims in Britain have ‘democratically’ decided, not to join ISIS as the media would have us believe, but rather play a more active role in the political process to make their voices heard.

It was a historic move where Sunni and Shia organisations representing at least 2.2 million British Muslims gathered to outline the needs of their community ahead of the General elections in May. The Muslim Manifesto’s motto “Our politics – an ethical Britain for all.” Is a demand for politics that uphold shared universal values, rights and equality of all people regardless of religion.

According to Spinwatch Islamophobia was not just a result of the aftermath of 9/11 and 7/7 but rather a systematic campaign instigated by right-wing Neo-cons linked to powerful interest groups.

The Former Secretary of State for Education and close adviser to Cameron, Michael Gove is also founding member of Policy Exchange; in his book Celsius 7/7 Gove defines Islamism as an ideology that is similar to fascism and argues in a war against “Islamism” it will be necessary for Britain to carry out assassinations of terrorists suspects and a ‘temporary curtailment of liberties’.

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