June 1, 2016

Photography Application Form

4 thoughts on “Photography Application Form

  • Hello! I have just made an application and really hoping that it’s not too late as it said ‘will get back to you end of June’!! Just wanted to make sure you received it that’s all :’) Thanks

  • I would very much like to come and photograph the happenings at Tribe of Doris this year, I have just got back from Colourfest where I did some documentary photography, which I would be happy to show you. I have studied photography but am not a professional photographer and do not currently have a website, but am looking to gain experience in order to get into event photography and social documentary and this would be a great opportunity for me.

  • I worked last year on the car park. I am a graphic designer, but love photography. I took some photos at the original venue.
    I will send my photos to the Facebook/email for the anniversary photography shots. Happy to let you see some examples if you are interested.

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