May 26, 2015

Josh Doughty – Kora

Josh Doughty

Josh Doughty

Josh’s love of the Kora (21 stringed West African Harp) began when he was 8 years old. Having dedicated his early years learning the traditional kora tunes, he has now developed his own unique style which incorporates elements of the traditional alongside modern western influences. Josh was born in Wales and returns regularly to perform there.  He presently lives in Essex. In 2005 Josh met Toumani Diabate the Master Kora player from Mali, who became Josh’s teacher and mentor. In 2007 Josh visited Toumani in his home in Bamako, he returned again in 2009 with an Award from Welsh Arts International. Whilst in Bamako Josh spent hours alongside his teacher and mentor improving his skills and embracing the culture. He also had the great privilege to play with Toumani’s band at the famous Diplomat Club in Bamako.  Josh has collaborated with a number of musicians from Africa and from the UK. He has performed extensively in the UK and France, at Ronnie Scotts, at Weddings, Festivals and private functions. In 2010 Josh worked alongside The African Community Partnership Group in Swansea, performing at the Waterfront Museum for Black History Month and later at Barry Prison.  Josh is also renowned as a skillful teacher and has taught students at SOAS, in private tuition and workshops and in schools. For the last three years Josh has performed and taught at a number of festivals including Womad, Small Nations, Shambala, and Boomtown. In 2012 Josh worked alongside Producer Mike Trim completing his first professional solo album. He also worked with Kenny Young recording several pieces for the Rhythms Del Mundo Africa Charity Album, as part the APE Project. At present Josh is recording a second album with Mike Trim alongside a number of musicians from around the world. General


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