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Wednesday 2nd-

Sunday 6th August 2023!


Stanford Hall Estate, Lutterworth.

Watch this space for our snazzy new website - coming soon!

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•Culture & Creativity• 


Tribe of Doris brings together artists and audiences to share a fireside, creating spaces for all people to connect, learn and be joyful. Our globally-inspired gatherings celebrate music, dance, creativity and wellbeing, giving way to your sense of wonder and leading you back to your roots. The Doris community shares a passion for the power of coming together with our brothers and sisters from around the world. We host a yearly festival in Leicestershire, as well as other events and activities throughout the UK and beyond.

In the Fields


Daily workshop programme
bringing you rhythms, dance, make music and wellbeing sessions.


Fireside  chats and unexpected happenings 

Kids Family Festival

Kids and teens
join in everything
from Flamenco workshops to Karate, and endless space to run freely in a safe environment


Find out more about Doris  and the future

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