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Join Tribe of Doris at Shambala 2014!


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We’ll be at Shambala on August 21th-24th.

‘Pioneering, intimate and truly innovative, Shambala Festival has blended creativity and participation perfectly for well over a decade. Shambala is a truly special place where you play, revitalise, and return to the world full of joy.’

When twilight falls and the night owls coo, all the creatures in the Meadow will be transported by exotic melodies and entrancing rhythms from all corners of the globe. Music from everywhere and nowhere; now here in Koo Kou’s. The groove starts at dusk with bands, solo artists and DJs every eve ’til midnight. Follow the trail of glowing bird tracks to find us, and you might find yourself a Koo Kou-ing creature of the Meadow after dark!

Brought to you from The Tribe of Doris, explore endless musical opportunities at Koo Kou’s. Leap into Buddhist chanting; play the didgeridoo; melt into Zimbabwean singing, spin tunes on a solar DJ set up, revel in singing glorious global harmonies, bring your instruments and jam in Balkan style or join the daily drum circle and raise the joy levels by a factor of fun!

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Wasn’t the Tribe of Doris Summer Gathering 29 May – 1 June amazing! You can check out the latest pics on Tribe of Doris Facebook Page 

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