July 16, 2015

Football with Zikko Archer/Watusi87


“These sessions will touch on technical, strategic, psychological and social elements of football, letting the young extend their knowledge and express what they already know. This will be a great opportunity for the young people to have fun, stay physically active and advance their motor skills with a qualified coach. At the focal point will be drills, exercises, health and fitness with an emphasis on game realism.
Football is a great sport for working the mind and body, testing the sharpness in decision making which can also be transposed in real life situations believe it or not. No matter the level, whether planning to be professional, just wanting to have fun with friends or just wanting to be active there will be something for all young people. As we all know young people never turn down a football whether boy or girl, so at basic this is just facilitation of the demands and desires of young people, so lets give them what they want in such an irresistible way that they wont forget.”

About Watusi87

“Zikko Archer aka the artists WATUSI87 has been teaching/working young people for roughly 10 years to this present day, since the begining of his journey, he has constantly added more string to his bow, most recently becoming a qualified football coach, working with children from the ages of 3-5 years old and upwards. In addition he has facilitated various typed of workshops in the past from cooking, martial arts and creative writing, few of which he has shared with Tribe of Doris members of staff and young participants in the past. In addition he is also a learning support worker, mentor and tutor who has worked in a sorts environments from the prison sector, schools, youth clubs to pupil referral units PRU’s.

Moreover he has also manage to carry some of this work overseas through Europe and various places in Africa such Kenya Gambia and Zanzibar where the focus was mainly on confidence (personal development) and team building through the use of music and writing. As the artist Watusi87 he has written and produced music, managed events, and performed in many world renowned venues across London.”



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