June 28, 2019

Mande Dance Intensive with Yahael Camara Onono

Level – Advanced

Artform – Dance

Culture – Mali/Guinea

This workshop will be an intense introduction for some, and a continuation for others in the contemporary and traditional forms of Malian and Ivorian dance styles. We will be working on the technique and precision needed to implement these two specific styles in our warm-ups and the main choreography!
Stretch have fun, and if you have two white handkerchiefs, bring them along! You’ll need them!

About Yahael

Born in London but having spent his childhood living and travelling extensively across west Africa, this still young and energetic musician and dancer has studied under and performed with some of the greats of West African culture and art. He has used his unique background between the diaspora and West Africa to create quite a name for himself in the traditional and contemporary communities. Well-known as a virtuoso percussionist, he is also a great dancer in his own right. Combining tradition with contemporary choreography to create an exciting mix. Yahael will once again be bringing his much anticipated class to Doris this Year!