July 19, 2018

Djembe Montage and Mande Dance Intensive with Yahael Camara Onono

Djembe Montage

2 Classes:
Level – Beginners
Level – Intermediate

We will be looking at how modern Musical pieces are created, centred around djembe music and arrangements.
We will take a traditional music and not only workshop on the rhythm itself but apply it in a musical context with 2 accompanying musicians, one on dounoun the other on another on a musical instrument such as either the kora or balafon or even bass guitar! There will be lots juicy arrangements, solo phrasing and singing too !!!

Mande Dance Intensive

We are going to be pushing our limits with our advance dance. Challenging choreography and intricate movement and chain movement. We will be approaching Guinean Ballet style and Malian traditional styles and rhythms as well – this is a form that is rarely seen in the UK.

The energy and speed of Guinean Ballet choreography combined with the intricacies and precision of Malian dance will be a great challenge to be met !! We will all be sweating a promise

About Yahael

Yahael Camara Onono is a young percussionist who has used his surroundings and multicultural background to his advantage as an up and coming musician. Born into a traditional west African house hold – Mother Nigerian, Father Senegalese – and born in the UK Yahael has used these diverse experiences and to his advantage, to garner knowledge and a skill set as vast as his musical landscape.
Under the pupilage of various Master drummers – most acknowledged the incomparable Sidiki Dembele – Yahael’s style and energy have become one to look out for not only on the Djembe scene but also into the very popular London jazz, Latin and world music scene where he is involved in various projects bringing his unique energy to the table !!!!

“I started dancing before I played. I danced at most traditional events in the community in the diaspora and also at home. From traditional Igbo ‘Ogene’ Dance and Malian/ Senegalese Naming cérémonies in Senegal and the Gambian to soukous and Ndombolo in Night clubs across London!
I am driven by my culture, it’s what defines me, so I immersed myself in all aspects of its art forms, music dance and song.
I used to go back home every summer and tourist season and trained with many groups such as Tamala in The Gambia – as a dounoun player but also as a dancer!
Since then I have continued to learn, teach and Perfom internationally from the UAE to Serbia and also many times in the UK, as a dancer in my own right.

I’m looking forward to sharing what I can with you. I can assure you that we will push eachother to the best we can be !! Let’s go!!”