June 12, 2018

Playful Creators: A Theatre Devising workshop with Tobias Doyle

Level – Open
Area – Youth

Each workshop will be looking at relaxing in the space, an introduction into the concepts we will be working with and then playing in the space to create material The first workshop will be focused on the traditional aspects of manliness and creating our own superheroes. The second workshop will be looking at the other ways to see manliness, working with props. The final workshop will be looking at personal experiences and how they link to the idea of manliness.

About Tobias

The focus of my personal work is looking at the contradictory nature of the term “Manliness”. In today’s world of gender exploration, Manliness seems to come with many contradictory ideas. What are the rules of Manliness? What are societies exceptions of Manliness? How can we define being ‘Manly’? Part of my work is to challenge the phrases ‘Man up’. I have seen this phrases damage peoples individuality and confidence in themselves.