May 26, 2019

Loom Weaving with Thomasina, Lola, Anna & Ella

This weaving workshop uses recycled fabrics and environmental consciousness. When fabrics have been woven into the loom, you will be invited to write a message onto recycled paper; for example a message of love for the earth, your pledge to how you will work to make this world full of light, a message of hope or a grieving message for the Earth’s current condition. You may then choose to weave these messages into the piece or hang them around the loom, or connect them with nature.

Through the interactive approach to this communal piece, you will be submerged in the artwork, with a comfy floor space to sit and reflect on the creative space, made from woven circles as they are completed. We hope to use this to raise awareness of the importance of acting to help environmental issues while evoking feelings of togetherness and hope for our planet.
The smaller, individual weaves can be completed alongside the communal weave or these can be the focus of your time. Skills and techniques will be shared by the teachers and support given throughout the sessions.

About Thomasina, Lola, Anna & Ella

We are a collective of women who hold the current environmental issues close to our hearts. We want to share our passion and spread the word. Communicating ideas in this way, through creativity and community, is a powerful tool and we have recently run a similar session at The Spring Up-Rising event held at Motion in Bristol. We believe that, by using recycled and re-purposed resources, we are encouraging the ethos of regeneration and regrowth. We will be encouraging the ‘weaving community’ created during each session to communicate their ideas, thoughts and feelings either through using their voice or by using the weaving as a form of expression.