July 13, 2017

Find your Ancestral Voice with Lainy Malkani

Level – Open
Cultural Focus – UK/India/Caribbean/Mauritius/South Africa/Fiji
Notes – Please bring pen and paper

Sugar, Sugar Bitter-sweet Tales of Indian Migrant Workers reveals the untold story of Indian indentured sugar workers who left India between 1838 and 1917 to work on sugar plantations as far afield as South Africa (Natal), Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Mauritius, Fiji and of course the UK. Sugar as one of the world’s most abundant and controversial commodities has changed the lives of millions of people whether in England during the height of British colonialism to Indian and African people during some of the darkest moments in history. The Sugar, Sugar workshop invites participants to share their own historical backgrounds and begin to think about how they can start to write their own creative stories so that others can learn more about the world and its people.

About Lainy

Lainy has given workshops and lectures in both colleges and university settings. Following the broadcast of her BBC Radio 4 documentary ‘Sugar, Saris and Green Bananas’ (2015) she gave a special workshop to young people at Stanmore College in North West London about how to create a radio documentary using their own personal experiences. She has often been asked to deliver one off lectures and workshops to university students sharing her experiences as a journalist to encourage young people to follow their dreams. In 2016 she delivered a talk to year 9 students school students as part of the ‘Into University’ charity programme. In January 2017 she became an Associate Lecturer at the University of the Arts London teaching Year 2 Media students ‘Convergence from Radio to Podcast Module.’ In all of these classes it is Lainy’s objective to enhance students understanding of the importance of cultural expression and diversity. She has just completed a series of creative writing workshops with Spread the Word to celebrate London’s writers and readers. ‘City of Stories’ encourages new writers of all generations to pick up a pen and start to create new stories.




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