June 21, 2017

Traditional Herbal Medicine with Stephen Watts

Level – Open
Area – Healing

Practical everyday herbal medicine is experiencing something of a revival. Likewise, there is a growing movement towards finding cohesive, harmonious community living. In this age of individualism and information overload, we can often have a feeling that these desirable aspects of life are something that we have lost, something that we would like to regain.

At the heart of this, there is a conscious focus on the earth, and what the land has to offer us in terms of traditional medicines. Most of the medicinal plants we need for healing simple ailments are right on our doorsteps, but often we don’t have the confidence or the knowledge of how to use them.

These workshops will be creating a container for exploring all the questions surrounding our local plants, and practicing simple tools to help us deepen in our relationships with the herbs.

I will also be providing a herbal medical dispensary of both European and African herbs and can offer diagnosis and recommendations for health problems.

About Stephen

Stephens journey into plants began as a teenager treating health conditions where his doctors were unable to help. Since then his journey has not stopped in finding plants, and learning their properties. This naturally lead on to working with others, taking people on wild food and medicine walks for hundreds of people over the years. His skills became recognized by herbalists, despite having had no formalized training. His background draws upon his 5-year apprenticeship with the late Richard Clare, organic food teacher and grower.

Subsequent shamanic training and almost a year spent living in the rural regions of Zimbabwe receiving council from respected spirit mediums have helped deepen Stephen’s intuitive approach to medicine, highlighting the relationship between the body and soul.
Stephen’s approach to herbalism is largely intuitive, despite having a sharp memory for technicalities. He sees the subject embedded within a wide framework of holism, through nutrition, spirituality, and lifestyle. He will often dream of the herbs required to take or indicated for someone. He follows the practice that deep herbalism works with transferring the spirit of that herb as an ally, allowing the herbs to work at a deeper level in ones life.


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