May 26, 2015

Caribbean Rhythms with Stephen Blagrove (Blaggy)

Level – Open
Area – Drum
Culture – Caribbean and Africa

These workshops will be a journey into the techniques used in “Nyabinghi drumming and chanting”. Nyabinghi music is heavily rooted in the Rastafarian community in Jamaica and has influenced Ska, Reggae and dance hall. The way that drum rhythm, sound, tone, pattern and songs fit together will be explored. The origins of this tradition are very spiritual and can take listeners and players to another level. These workshops are sure to be an enjoyable experience!




What you’ll get out of this class

  • Intro to African and Caribbean drumming and dance
  • Focus on Jamaica and the Rasta man vibration
  • Nyabinghi tradition
  • Looking at the drum techniques, Hand Position, Posture, tones and playing control
  • Drum patterns explained with exercises to build up confidence
  • Looking at various songs and their articulation & chanting
  • Moving to the beat
  • Gearing the workshop towards a sharing

About Blaggy

Baggy has over 35 years experience, teaching in a variety of educational settings from nursery to university in the UK and the US. He has devised drumming schemes leading to performances.

Blaggy fbook



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