May 26, 2019

Mandeng Rhythms with Sidiki Dembélé

Level – Beginners and Advanced
Area – Drum
Culture – Mandeng

The Griot heritage of West Africa forms the ancient backdrop to the history and evolution of the Mandeng people, who populate across the nations. The rhythms taught will reflect that history and inform the participants of the traditional roots of the music, exploring how they have developed across the sub-Saharan region. This ancient tradition is rooted in a spirit of sharing, living in harmony and inclusivity across mankind and this will be the ethos behind Sidiki’s teaching. Learn with a master drummer the origins and meanings of traditional musical pieces, and experience the joy of working together to create and perfect them in a group setting.

About Sidiki

The Griot tradition is one which has spanned centuries of civilisation in West Africa and has been passed down through the generations, carrying with it an ancient culture of story-telling, communication and celebration. In West African culture, the Griot family has traditionally been responsible for carrying news, folklore and diplomacy between villages, nomadic tribes, kings and warriors, using dance, music and song. Historically, the power of performance in this most ancient of civilisations has been echoed throughout the nations of the world; and perhaps the most evocative and emotive instrument in routing enemies, communicating with allies and rousing nations to unity is the drum. Raised in a family whose generations have been steeped in, and driven by these traditions, from the age of fourteen Sidiki has played traditional instruments professionally and in particular, the Djembe drum of West Africa, to herald and celebrate significant events in the life of his community in Abidjan. He has taught adults and children to play and shared his passion for music with them, his enthusiasm and dedication an intoxicating source of inspiration to those who meet him and who see him perform. Growing up in the poor community of Abobo, Sidiki founded a school for young drummers. The school has long since become self-sufficient, although Sidiki remains very much the driving force and decision maker. They are now one of the most acclaimed performance groups in Cote d’Ivoire and Groupe Denifari go from strength to strength. Sidiki continues to work for the good of his beloved community.