July 17, 2016

Sufi Philosophy and Whirling with Sheikh Ahmad Dede

Sheikh Ahmad 3An introduction to Sufi Whirling Dance, Song, Ceremony.

‘Whirling’ is an active meditation and an ancient Sufi technique. During the workshops there will be wisdom talks, an introduction to the meaning of the secret whirling from within by Sheikh Ahmad Dede, an opportunity for you to learn and experience for yourself the seven steps to receive the holiest divine love, divine healing and divine inner peace. Sheikh Ahmad Dede leads his whirling dervishes with inspirational singing, accompanied by his musicians. Everyone is most welcome to come and take part in this relaxed informal workshop of love and heavenly enlightenment.


About the Sheikh:

Sheikh Ahmad Dede has been travelling throughout Europe since 1998, giving workshops and performances. He enables all who come to experience how to open themselves up from within, through the connection of divine love, from heart to heart. Through this secret connection of the heart receiving from the heart of his Grandmaster, he teaches students how to open the inner lights through the seven steps from within the whirling meditation. To receive the light of Gods Love this is called in the Whirling, “The Dhikr ad-Dorani”.  This inner teaching has been granted to Sheikh Ahmad Dede from his Grandmaster Maulana Sheikh Nazim al-Haqqani (Q.S.).