May 26, 2015

Dance with Doundouns with Saskia Watkins

Saskia (2)Level – Open
Area – Drum & Dance
Country – Guinea

This style of dance originated in West Africa. Drawing on influences of Guinean music and dance, this is the most fantastic dance with doundouns. Its dance for drummers and Drum for dancers. Combining the rhythms and choreography of traditional West African style this is an inclusive workshop for everyone. No experience needed, but something for even the most advanced dancers, the most novice of drummers and everyone in-between. This is about power, spirit, community and passion all wrapped up in the exploration of an ancient form. Traditional music and style at its most modern and empowering.

About Saskia

Saskia began drumming in 1995, and fell in love with the music and latterly the dance of Guinea, West Africa. She loved it’s people, culture, music dance and traditions. Like a moth to a flame it enticed and bewitched her. Travelling and staying in West Africa over 20 times over a 15 year period, she learnt something of the heart of its musical culture. She performed and taught over many years and have come full circle, from novice to ambitious with a ferocious thirst for more to a peaceful and grateful place. Saskia says this dance has been her life. It has granted her money, children, friends, travel and wonderful experiences. She was not born of West Africa, but it has dominated her life and she loves it like a mother. Saskia hopes to share some of that with all her students. To share the beauty of the place and its incredible artistic offerings.

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