July 13, 2017

Afro-Peruvian Drum Circle with Sandro Granda

Area – Youth

Afro Peruvian music comes from the coastal regions of Peru, South America, where you find specific instruments and rhythms from this region.

Within the drum cirlce we will introduce Afro Peruvian instruments and percussion with a bit of the history of how the instruments came about.

We will introduce the sounds and how to play the instruments using interactive games and movement exercises. The group will practice with pitch, tone and tempo. We will then go on to introduce basic Afro Peruvian rhythms and some songs in a fun and dynamic way.

About Sandro

Sandro has been a drum circle facilitator within the UK and Peru for over 10 years. He studied and learnt from Afro Peruvian musicians in the coastal region of El Carmen in Chincha and Lima. Was raised around the Afro Peruvian culture with his great aunt Chabuca Granda, a well known singer and composer of Criollo waltzes with Afro Peruvian rhythms. Sandro has a passion for sharing his cultural knowledge with others and spreading these uplifting rhythms.He has also introduced West African djembe and Dundun rhythms in Peru through workshops and has taught drum kit at University degree level in Lima. He enjoys creating fun and enjoyable sessions where all abilities can participate.


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