June 13, 2018

Sabar Spice with Aida and Batch

Level – Intermediate
Area – Dance
Country – Senegal

Sabar is the explosive style of dancing that uses a stylistic jump accompanied by the hard-hitting rhythms of the sabar drum and stick. Hailing from Senegal, West Africa, the dance has been known to captivate audiences from all over and is often demonstrated during a type of celebration known as a tanebeer. In this class students can expect to build on form, agility and rhythm whilst enjoying exciting movements and music that you can’t help but dance to. Taught by Aida and Batch you will get a great insight into the female and male styles of the dance. Come with an open mind, heart and spirit and let your body do the rest.

About Aida and Batch

Batch Gueye is an experienced and respected dancer, singer, and songwriter from Senegal. He belongs to a family of Griots tasked with keeping the teachings of his traditional dance alive.
Batch is the lead singer of Batch Gueye Band although he also often collaborates with artists such as fafoula and has danced alongside renowned Senegalese artists such as Baaba Maal and Youssou n’dour. He runs regular sabar/fitness classes in his hometown of Bristol and is an active member of his local community.


Aida is a dancer and choreographer from Dakar, Senegal . She started training with Bakalama de Thion-Essyl Dance Company at the age of 12, where she learned Djembe and jola dances. In 1991 she joined Les Ballets Africain de Sanghomar before moving on to perform with Daradji drum and dance ensemble in 2006. Her career in the UK began in 2010 and worked with Ballet Nimba as a freelancer. She has taught at many studios, and festivals in the UK, as well as organising her own classes and performances and is currently setting up her own dance company.