June 21, 2017

Traditional African dances from the Ivory Coast with Rubba (Norman Stephenson)

Level – Advanced
Area – Dance
Country – Ivory Coast

These workshops are geared towards participants enhancing the development of the self through the healing of the physical and spiritual soul provided by the sound and movement of dances from Africa. And workshops are important as it enables the promotion and sharing the experience with others so to create or inspire future leaders in this art form.
And ensures the preservation of this ancient and naturally beautiful way of expression.

About Rubba

African Dance came to Rubba by chance. He reluctantly attended a workshop and found a home for his love of dancing. It gave him a unique experience of learning dances from across this continent and bought him from a life on the streets to traveling to places he thought he would never see in my life.
Most importantly it taught him about a way of life not shared with him in his education in this country. It freed him from a shackle in his mind and opened the path to greater awareness of himself and others.

He will be supported mainly by two drummers:
Bido Irie who is a master drummer from The Ivory Coast. In his experience, He has played for the national dance troupe and has toured with his company Zavoalo.

Stephen Blagrove (Blaggy) Who is an accomplished Master drummer with 40 years’ experience of teaching performing and setting up drum projects in schools and communities. He is director of his company ACE PERCUSSION..

http://www.dmacuk.org/rubbas-profile/   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4vdZdAvCh4

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One thought on “Traditional African dances from the Ivory Coast with Rubba (Norman Stephenson)

  • I will be at Doris and I am SO looking forward to doing your classes!
    Loved the dancing in the park video.
    Lots of love, Harriet x

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