July 12, 2019

Yoruba Talking Drum with Richard Olatunde

“The Yoruba of South Western Nigeria are particularly known for their prolific use of the hour glass shaped tension drums known as “”Dun Dun””(which means “”sweet sound””). These drums play a vital role both in the traditional culture and modern day life, as they have surpassed colonialisation and successfully crossed various social and religious boundaries.
The workshop participants will get an overview of the whole family of instruments, their names and correct handling. before learning the various patterns that the family of drums play together. As these are talking drums, learners will also be made familiar with certain elements of the Yoruba language and learn how to play a series of phrases on the drums.”

About Richard

I’m a musician/studio producer and instrument maker, born of British-Nigerian parentage and I grew up listening to various African music in UK. I love to share the passion and joy that the talking drum brings, which is how I formed my group Eardrum. As an all round African percussionist, I’ve also been blessed to be a regular feature with the likes of Mulatu Astatke, Tony Allen, Anthony Joseph, Wunmi, Bukky Leo and Dele Sosimi, to name a few.