June 13, 2018

Write the World with Rebecca Tantony

Level – 16+
Area – Crafts and Creativity

In this intimate and nurturing space we gather to focus on language and the voice in unison. For those who have never taken pen to paper and for those more experienced but wanting to expand or explore other areas of creativity, this workshop combines group work with individual focus, making sure everybody has the chance to create something unique to them.

We will look at tools, technique and prompts for writing, as well as creation, editing and ways to access topics, issues and situations that affect us. Using the idea that by expressing ourselves we are able to speak out and inspire change, both personally and collectively.

About Rebecca

Rebecca Tantony is a writer and facilitator driven to understand the messy and wild human experience in greater depth. She has been commissioned by Radio 4, read her work on the BBC and her writing has been described as ‘mesmerising’ in the Guardian.

Rebecca has performed in numerous venues, including the Royal Albert Hall, the Natural History Museum and Southbank Centre. She has performed at music and literary festivals throughout the UK, and poetry readings have taken her to Turkey, India, America, Sweden, Germany, Spain and Italy. She is the author of collections Talk You Round Till Dusk (Burning Eye, 2015) and All the Journeys I Never Took (Burning Eye, 2017) and the latest book, Arts Council funded Singing My Mother’s Song ( Burning Eye, 2019). In 2016 she received an MA in creative writing and a distinction for her final manuscript. In 2017 she toured an Arts Council funded one-on-one immersive spoken word show, under the same title as her second collection.

Rebecca is currently teaching the Performance Poetry module and creative writing to BA students at Bath Spa University. She has been writer in residence for various institutes and organisations, including First Story and Wits University, Johannesburg. She has taught workshops in schools as part of the secondary curriculum, and outside schools to those excluded from education, ex-offenders, refugee groups and the elderly. She wholeheartedly believes that everyone has a story that deserves to be heard.