June 13, 2018

An Ancestral Journey – Spoken Word/ Creative Writing with Rebecca Tantony

Level – 16+
Area – Crafts and Creativity

In this intimate and nurturing space we gather to explore language, voice and the body in unison. For those who have never taken pen to paper, self to stage, and for those more experienced but wanting to expand or explore other areas of creativity, this workshop combines group work with individual focus, making sure everybody has the chance to create something unique to them. We all have a story and our own way of sharing it, using Creative Writing we explore the theme of ‘Journeys’ as a powerful avenue to come back to our bodies, creatively use our voice and to stand up and speak out. After a ritual where ancestors are called into the space so to guide us onwards, we will look at the theme of Journeys; be it stories of travel from place to place, journeys from one relationship to the next or the journey into the self. We will look at various poetic tools and devises and use creative writing as a method for healing, discovery and expression.

About Rebecca

Bath Spa University lecturer in Poetry and Creative Writing and author of two poetry collections, Rebecca Tantony is a leading spoken word artist. She is currently working on a multi-disciplinary Arts Council funded project titled ‘Singing My Mother’s Song,’ inspired by a journey into her personal heritage; a social commentary, resonating with voices from the UK and South Africa. When not reading she teaches poetry and creative writing in multiple venues, including the Barbican Theatre and Royal Geographical Society.