June 13, 2018

Painting Eyes with Rebecca Jo Lesley

Level – Intermediate, 18+
Area – Crafts and Creativity
Country – United Kingdom

During this workshop, we will develop our painting skills to create realistic and soulful representations of eyes. You will be given a small block with an eye already drawn and we will carefully go through the process of layering the paint and blending to develop our approach to this expressive and sometimes daunting feature in portraiture.

About Rebecca

Rebecca primarily paints oil portraits that are partially layered over pencil drawings on wood. She focuses on themes from a female perspective, playing with allegory and biblical connotations. Rebecca has exhibited and had work auctioned in Bristol, London and Romania. Believing in the healing abilities of art, she taught her first life drawing class at her solo show ‘Rebirth’ and since has lead playful classes at Secret Garden Party and Meadows in the Mountains Festival in Bulgaria.