Camping with your own tent – is included in the ticket price
General Camping is for those who like to go to bed late and/or don’t mind a bit of noise. This will include live in vehicles parked to one side. Portable toilets and showers will be closest to general camping as it is nearer the water supply
Quieter camping is for those who may go to bed early or who are sensitive to noise. Please be aware that we cannot totally eradicate noise from the campsites. Also space for live-in vehicles, parked to one side. Still, less than 5 min walk to nearest showers/toilets.
Authentic Mongolian yurts, accommodating up to 6 people with futon beds, bedding and wood burners book your option below
Bell Tents – Tribe of Doris have teamed up with Canvas Club to offer 5ft luxury Bell tents. The basic package offers a spacious airy tent with coir matting – sleeping 4-6 people, to a more luxurious option including beds, furniture, decoration and bedding if required (extra cost) for convenience and ease.
See the options below.

Luxury accommodation in the stables of Stanford Hall. There are 10 rooms with varying space and bathroom access – selling fast.
please email for availability

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