May 27, 2015

Animal Songs for Kids and their Adults! with Poco Drom

Poco Drom

Poco Drom

Encouraging kids and their adults to engage with the wild and wonderful world of nature through song. Discovering there inner animal and their inner child…if they aren’t a child already through original songs by family singer song writer Paul Fryer otherwise known as POCO DROM! No experience necessary, all ages welcome, all you have to do is join in!

About Poco Drom

Once upon a beach in wales Paul wrote a song about a jellyfish and he though ‘I bet children would like this song.’ They did, and adults liked it too. He realised a lot of children’s music went ‘doo dee doo’ in a high voice, Poco songs don’t, they go ROARRRRRRRRRR!!! They also contain a lot of opportunities to show off your animal dancing, if that’s your thing?

Join Poco Drom for an evening bat walk on Thursday night, leaving from the Kids & Family Area at 8pm.  It’s not to be missed!

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