July 17, 2016

Painting with Water Colours with Pip Gillman

Pip GillmanLevel – Open
Area – Crafts and Creativity
Country – United Kingdom
What to bring – 
Some materials are provided, but please bring your own if you have.

We will discuss materials and practice techniques. We will paint both tonal sketches and multi-colored paintings.
He will give guidance on the subject matter, be it from any source, but is happy to be governed by personal choice Watercolour is undoubtedly a frustratingly difficult medium, but it is most important to still enjoy the unique qualities of the medium, so much conveyed by so little.
He will demonstrate various techniques and subject matter. He paints quickly and in an impressionistic manner, instinctively steering clear of detail, preferring to suggest all that is required.
If the viewer engages with and emotionally responds to the image before them, then the painting surely has some merit?!
This is what we shall all strive towards!

About Pip

Once employed by Bristol Community Education as a watercolour tutor, he has tutored various West Country art societies, and occasionally tutors on a ‘one-to-one basis.

Pip is now a traveling artist, painting as he goes.  He sets up with his work and easel, wherever he fancies. People are often intrigued to watch him paint, happily giving advice and tips. They are free to have a go with his brush there and then.

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