June 13, 2018

Cuban Salsa & Reggaeton for Youth with Pilo Selguera Peso

Cuban Salsa

Level – Beginner
Area – Dance
Country – Cuba

Originating from the Caribbean island of Cuba, salsa is a large part of their social and cultural activities celebrating their popular music. It’s fun & interactive. Learn the basic steps. No partner needed!

Reggaeton for Youth

Level – Youth
Area – Dance

Reggaeton is popular a dance music of Puerto Rican origin, characterized by a fusion of Latin rhythms, dancehall, and hip hop or rap. However we teach Cuban Reggaeton which has its own specific beat and rhythm. Pilo is charismatic and joyful, the energy is infectious!

What you will learn:
Reggaeton steps
Timing (listening to the beat)
Improvisation technique
Dance space awareness
Use of hips, waist, chest, shoulders & arms

and of course… a final routine to learn and tips on how to apply these steps while social dancing ….

About Pilo

Born and bred in the Caribbean island of Cuba, within a Haitian family, Pilo spent 30 years of his life waiting eagerly for the carnival every summer. He grew up in the province of Oriente, the most exotic of Cuba with lots of different ethnic groups have settled there over the centuries, including African, Chinese, Indigenous, French Haitian, and Spanish. The mixture of these cultures is shown in the richness of the music and dance, many forms of which originated from Oriente such as the Conga, Rumba, and Son (which later developed into what people call salsa today). The Santiago de Cuba carnival is the largest, most famous, and traditional carnival in all of Cuba, with its an explosion of colour, contagious drum rhythms, and dance. It is also a time for Cubans to re-gather themselves and remember their history, community, and culture, and is often punctuated by the Cuban national holiday of July 26th. Pilo is passionate about sharing his love for dance and music with people and has been lucky enough to grow up with it forming such a large part of his life.