June 13, 2018

Hang and Hand-pan Workshop & Melody and Mythology with Otto Maier

Hang and Hand-pan Workshop

Level – Open
Area – Music Making
What to bring – Hand and Hand-pan if you have one

The Hang (Hand), first developed in Switzerland in 2000, enjoys a growing fan base today. It has managed to initiate a small musical revolution, whether rhythmic or intuitive. In my workshop I will show you different possibilities in playing the instrument. Participants learn the basic attack techniques like Doum and Tak. With simple exercises these techniques are explained and first patterns played. For this, well-known rhythms from all over the world are suitable. In the next step techniques are developed like single strokes, double strokes, split hand technique etc. For beginners and advanced. There are 7 hangs available for use by students in each workshop. Please bring your own if you have one.

Melody and Mythology

Level – Open
Area – Walks, Talks and Learning

For those of us that know what it is… on a clear starry night, eyes gazing towards the sky, the fascination of being surrounded by thousands of tiny lights and the ever remaining question about the meaning of the Zodiac signs. The question is as old as the human race itself and there are many theories from advanced cultures of the ancient world which try to provide meaningful order to chaos. The constellations which are relevant to us in the Western world are those of the Zodiac, the signs under which we are born. Each and everyone of us, knows their birth sign. The question remains, what does it look like and why does it exist?

About Otto

Otto (Dr OM) Maier grew up close to a holy site, where magic rituals where held and where the spiritual environment inspired people for centuries in the forms of song, dance and drummer music. That set the cornerstone for Otto, who decided to dedicate his life to music. He started early on, devoting his attention to music cultures from all over the world and discovered his love for rhythm. During his long academic stays in Africa, America and Asia he acquired the tools to support being an imaginative percussionist and his abilities were refined in Europe through lessons with: Hakim Ludin, Martin Verdonk and others.
Otto has been involved in diverse musical projects with various collaborators, projects formed by the variety of the individual musicians, although his heart belongs to the afro-cuban rhythms.