July 16, 2015

Afro Celtic Exploration with Ombiviolum

Level – Open
Note – Bring instruments and if you would like, a music stand

These workshops will be a chance to go on a shared musical journey, and will cater to the creative decisions and musical ability of the participants. The journey will include improvisation, rhythm games, folk melodies and whatever the moment requires. All instruments are welcome, as well as percussionists and vocalists. For the instrumentalists we can work both with notation and by ear, so if you like reading from notation you might like to bring a music stand, manuscript paper will be provided. The workshops will lead to a piece that can be performed, so some commitment from participants to attend will help in crafting something really special.

About Ombiviolum

These workshops will be lead by Ombiviolum members Allan Kerr (percussion), James Watts (woodwind) and Michael Stanton (guitar/keys). All three of these musicians are music teachers in their respective fields who are familiar with working with groups in the community; Allan leading workshops in drumming and embodied rhythmic exploration, James conducting choirs and orchestras and Michael leading singing circles with a sacred and ceremonial focus. Their work together in Ombiviolum journeys into the diversity of global musical culture, particularly the Folk music of Zimbabwe and the British Isles, and includes arrangements of traditional melodies and songs, as well as new compositions and improvisation.


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