July 17, 2016

Capoeira Angola with Ollie Dennison


Level – Open
Area – Movement
Country – Brazil

A unique fusion of dance, fight, music and culture. Capoeira was used as a tool of liberation and preservation of African culture practiced in secrecy on the Sugar plantations of Brazil and at times used to escape.

Nowadays throughout Brazil and the world we learn this amazing art form to understand the peoples’ history and to liberate our body, mind and spirit within the circle of life- The Roda.
Classes consist of learning the movements, music and song.
It attracts people from all ages and backgrounds.

About Ollie

The group is a strong part of DMACUK and every week Ollie and Bob teach over 100 kids and adults combined. Due to the current success of the Bristol Filhos de Angola Capoeira Group, they have been asked to host the prestigious International Meeting, the first time in the UK for over 15 years. Ollie works as a percussionist for the band’s Fitty Gomash and Lacuna.
He also works as a massage therapist and support worker.



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