June 13, 2018

Body Percussion and Brazilian Rhythms on Pandeiro with Milena Sá

Body Percussion

Level – Kids
Area – Music Making
Country – Brazil

The body percussion workshop is an amazing opportunity for kids to experience the different sounds that can be explored using their own bodies. Their percussive skills will be awakened and developed. The activity is ludic and freeing, kids can have fun clapping, stomping on the floor, clicking their fingers, making animal noises and discovering the limitless sounds that can be created with the body. You are welcome to bring your kids and have fun together.


Brazilian Rhythms on Pandeiro

Level – Open
Area – Drum
Country – Brazil

The Brazilian Pandeiro (tambourine) workshop will give you the opportunity to learn and explore this incredible instrument, one of the most versatile hand drums in the world. The Pandeiro is one of the most popular drums in Brazil. It is a versatile instrument and is used in many musical Brazilian styles, such as samba, choro, maracatu, capoeira, frevo, coco, baião, ciranda and  funk. Making it one of the most amazing drums in the Brazilian percussive universe. It is held in one hand, and struck by the other hand to produce the sound. Typical pandeiro patterns are played by alternating the thumb, fingertips, heel, and palm of the hand, the Pandeiro can also be rubbed or shaken to produce different sounds. The workshop is open to all and we will cover the main Brazilian rhythms. We are also going to work on instrumental technique.

About Milena 

Milena Sá is a Brazilian percussionist active since 1999, Milena has worked with several Brazilian music bands in Rio de Janeiro, exploring traditional rhythms such as samba, choro, maracatu, frevo, baião, coco, ciranda, bumba-meu-boi.funk, etc. She has been playing since 2000 in one of the most famous Carnival Blocks in Rio de Janeiro, Bloco Céu na Terra.
Milena is currently living in UK, developing new music projects involving the fusion of Brazilian rhythms with African rhythms, funk and world music. In 2016 she performed as part of Joyce Candido’s band in an event in celebration of Team GB’s participation in the Rio Olympics games, in London.
As a teacher Milena has been developing Pandeiro workshops in many European cities like Paris, Lisbon, Berlin, London and others. In Liverpool, she is currently teaching and also doing body percussion workshops in schools.