June 13, 2018

Eat Dance Shine with Michele Kaye

Level – Open
Area – Walks, Talks and Learning

Eat Dance Shine – Age does not necessarily mean decline. Our bodies are generally capable of staying healthy and our brains are generally capable of being clear and sharp if we give them what they need in terms of diet, lifestyle and environment. Awaken your inner guru – always listen to your body, we are all different. There are many conflicting views in the world of nutrition, which can be confusing: which fats are good for us saturated, unsaturated? what about fish? should I be vegetarian? Vegan? I address much of this in my talk (and my book). We will look at 3 top ways to create health: Eat – nutrition Dance – exercise Shine – ways to de-stress.

About Michele

Michele Kaye (M.Sc.) is a mother, teacher, lover of nature. She has a degree in Physiology with Biochemistry, a Postgraduate Masters degree in Nutrition and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. She taught Biology and Health Education over a 15 year period. During the last 29 years, since having three children, she has researched, practiced and taught ways to live a healthy life, running regular Nutrition Workshops, offering health and weight loss coaching and teaching several weekly Nia dance fitness classes, as a Black Belt Nia Teacher. In 2016 Michele’s book Eat Dance Shine was published.