May 26, 2015

Samba Reggae & Recycled Costumes with Mariana Rabello Pinho

Samba Reggae

Level – Open
Area – Dance

Mariana Rabello Pinho is running the dance sessions with a mix of cheerful, energetic and passionate vibes towards the rhythms and the movements that are represented in samba reggae!
Samba reggae is the voice of the afro blocos of Salvador, each of them expressing the reality of their communities and through the instruments used, each have their unique beat such as the timbau for Timbalada, the surdos of Olodum, the protest lyrics of Ile Ayie and so on.

Mariana Pinho has travelled many times to Salvador where she wa sable to learn from various teachers including Vania Oliveira, Carlos Ujhama and has also a strong base of knowledge on afro amerindian dance through her mentor and great artist, Anderson Nogueira from Olinda- Pernambuco.

For this year, the artist will celebrate and create a piece all levels to engage!

Recycled Costume Making

Level – Open
Area – Craft and Creativity

The dance sessions will be combined with aditional costume making sessions using recycling material such as juice/milk cartons, bottle tops, nail vanish and whatever we can use to show we can be creative and wear the accessories created on the final performance.

So bring your colourful fabrics, some of your best recyclable waste and your lovely self to shake, sweat and shine!!!

About Mariana

Mariana is a Brazilian artist, developing Brazilian culture in the UK through education and performance. An expert in traditional culture, Mariana has produced over 40 Brazilian artists. An energetic teacher sharing the passion with you all, Mariana says her Samba Reggae sessions at Doris are one of her lifetime achievements as an artist.

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One thought on “Samba Reggae & Recycled Costumes with Mariana Rabello Pinho

  • Love😍 making stuff out of withies for carnivals. Wish I had a bigger car to bring the great big DRAGON🙀. Will there be Samba Reggae drumming…or can we bring samba instruments and join in? It would be nice to at least get together and practice a bit if there’s gonna be a grand parade. No Samba drum workshops on the TOfD list😕

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