June 28, 2019

Let’s get FUNKY…. on the Soul Train! with Maggie Ruiz

Level – Open to All

Artform – Dance

If you love to get funky and have fun, you’re in the right place; the ’70s are back and the dance floor is calling you! Join us in this dance workshop where we will be doing social steps and Locking, a dance style from the Soul Train times that is still rolling worldwide. In this workshop, you can expect to learn a bit of the story of this dance style, plus the foundations or basic dance moves, while having so much fun and funk! There will be moments of following simple routines, as well as improvisation/freestyle times.

We are aiming to open this workshop to everybody, but especially those who were there when the funk and disco were the golden years. So if your dance shoes are covered in dust, take them out and join us to revive the good old times, because the soul never die.

About Maggie

I’m very excited to have the chance to share a workshop at this festival. As I said above, I dedicate my life to studying street dance, not only the dance aspect but everything around it: the culture, the music, the social elements, etc. I work really hard for the local dance community in Bristol, facilitating spaces for dance jams/practice, workshops and classes. I am always working with other dancers putting together performances and shows as well as competitions. I am a very open person, and in my dance I like to explore mixing elements from other disciplines I practice, such as Shaolin Kung Fu and physical theatre.