July 12, 2019

Board Games with Lucille Smith

If you are taking a break from the dancing and drumming come and choose from an array of board games. Find new friends to play with. Try your hand at old favourites or try something new. Dominoes, Yahtzee, Jenga, Drafts, Backgammon, Challenj, Pictionary, Cards, Scrabble (possibly a tournament if there is enough interest) and more.
Doris is a very active festival so this is something for when you want to give your body a break…unless you are playing twister!

About Lucille

I am crazy about Scrabble and mad about puzzles. I’m so happy to be able to offer something for when people want to chill out and take a break from the drumming and dancing. I have been attending Doris for many years with my daughter, and supporting all the good work they do in the community. I have been wanting to offer something and although I’d love to offer my dancing I think my board games will be more appreciated!