June 13, 2018

Essential Oils & Sanskrit Chanting with Louise Carpenter

Level – 18+
Area – Walks, Talks, and Learning
Country – United Kingdom

Introduction to Sanskrit Chanting for healing and peace. Sanskrit is the language of the ancient yogic and vedic texts of ancient India – dated between 4000 and 6000 years old. It is a powerfully vibrational language with each sound corresponding to a part of the body. In the workshop we will get a little familiar with some of the aspects of pronunciation and then mostly focus on enjoying learning a few mantras which promote peace and healing – moving in to chanting them for longer periods of time to fully experience their potential. No previous knowledge or experience necessary!

Exploring plant consciousness through Essential Oils. Many of us feel a strong innate connection to the natural world around us: this workshop will guide you through a process to drop into a state of awareness and receptivity where you can receive what plants are sharing. We will work with the plants in the form of high grade Essential Oils and become open to receiving their communication about what they offer each one of us – they are highly complex entities with many qualities and can bring very different gifts to different people. No previous experience required, simply a willingness to drop preconceptionsand be open to receiving the wisdom of plants.

About Carpenter

I love working with vibrational medicine – chiefly through Sound and Essential Oils and being fully embodies – to promote well-being for ourselves and for our planet. I support people in learning how to nourish themselves and get in touch with who they truly are by reconnecting at a deep level with the natural world. Our bodies are part of the Earth and by loving and nurutring ourselves accordingly we begin the journey towards knowledge of the oneness of all. My workshops will be offering some experiences within this overalll bigger picture.