June 13, 2018

Well-being with Essential Oils with Louise Carpenter

Level – 18+
Area – Walks, Talks, and Learning
Country – United Kingdom

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are now available that open up a whole new world of working with them to maintain, support and improve all aspects of our health and well-being. The oils are sourced from all over the world, working with local producers to ensure highest quality and sustainability. They are rigorously tested to ensure their chemical constitution is at a therapeutic level. This workshop will introduce some of the oils; look at different ways of working with them physically; include some direct experience of the oils aromatically, internally and topically with body awareness; and, some guided practice of connecting with the energy and consciousness of the plants offering their nurturing essences to us. Bring a non-plastic container of water to drink with you if possible.

About Carpenter

My passions are sound, plants, and yoga. I have practiced and offered yoga and healing modalities for many years and more recently have been developing my capacities with the intuitive use of sound as an instrument of transformation: becoming more and more aware of the power of vibrational frequency to effect change. When these Essential Oils crossed my path I was astounded by their resonance and immediately began to work with them. It gives me great pleasure to share them with others.