June 13, 2018

The Grandmother’s Circle with Lizi Jamal

Level – Women who have had their period
Area – Movement, Ceremony and Meditation

This is a Mohawk womens ceremony, we believe, brought to us from Turtle Island by an indigenous woman, Mimi, in 1991. It is for women to journey to the grandmothers of the eight directions to seek guidance. Eventually its purpose is to serve the whole community, as anyone can sit in the centre with their question and the women all journey for her or him. Lizi has been involved with it from 1991 and started facilitating the circle when her teacher Detta had a stroke in 2007.

About Lizi

Lizi Jamal is a parent, grandparent, creative artist and permaculture designer. She co- created the permaculture area at Glastonbury festival, also simultaneously co-creating a youth arts collective with another permaculture designer in her home town of Totnes, BA) Building A Creative Sustainable Environment…(www.basecoarts.org.uk ) and is a environmental and peace activist. She has been involved with Doris culture from almost the beginning.