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Intermediate, Advanced

Cultural Focus:

Mandeng of West Africa



About Workshop

Sidiki will be teaching traditional rhythms in his own very special style, and his talent for inclusive group music making, ensuring that every participant is able to contribute, engage and benefit from this exciting workshop. Sidiki will be drawing on his cultural heritage as a West African Griot to spread his love and passion for music and for the Djembe in particular. But it isn't just about beating a drum - it's so much deeper than that! To learn to play this very spiritual instrument, you need to have an understanding of its traditions and culture. This workshop invites you along on a journey around the very special history and meaning of the djembe.
Sidiki will teach and encourage development, working with all levels of ability to create a performance that the group can play together. He will be bringing with him his own arrangement of traditional rhythms which, together, will build to an exciting and magical piece of Mandeng in the heart of the UK.

Sidiki Dembélé

Djembe - Mandeng Rhythms, Culture & Traditions


Sidiki Dembélé

Sidiki is a multi-instrumentalist, originally from the Ivory Coast, whose talent knows no bounds. He comes from a well-known Malian Griot family, which means African music is in his blood and he has trained from childhood with some of the most talented musical masters in West Africa. His passion for teaching and sharing his music rises from a deep-held belief in his cultural responsibility to raise awareness and cultivate harmony amongst people from different backgrounds, and this is why he loves it so much. He has delivered workshops and performed across Europe and the world, and enjoys a reputation as an engaging, patient and inspirational teacher.

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