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Meditation & Ceremony


Open to All

Cultural Focus:



Bring your own meditation cushion or bench if you have one.

About Workshop

There is a old saying in Japan : "Zen and tea have the same flavour."
Zen is awakening to the present moment, The Way of Tea is awakening to the present moment. The Zen Ceremony of Tea is a ritual of guided meditation, mindful tea drinking, chanting and silent meditation. Each session is self-contained but they all follow a journey from the grounding energy of the earth to the enlightened energy of the spirit. Three different teas, three different classes. Very rare teas for a very special occasion, a 40 year old Puerrh, an organic Big Red Robe Oolong and an Imperial Yellow Tea.

Rev Jitei White

Zen Tea Ceremony


Rev Jitei White

Rev Jitei White is a Buddhist monk in the lineage of Zen. He has been practicing this Great Way for 38 years. He wears the robe of ordination in the Buddhist Way to be of service, for the sake of all beings, to be a witness to the suffering of the world and to care. His life vow is to help others find peace. He has been using the ritual and ceremony of tea to deepen his own meditation practice for many years and guiding others who are drawn to ChaDo (way of tea). He is joined at Doris for the first time by Tea Assistant, Hakugyu Lloyd.

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