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If you have conga drums or similar please bring them.

About Workshop

In this workshop we will be taking a trip into the east province of Cuba, exploring the drumming which makes up several different traditions of the province. We will begin with teaching basic techniques, and later rhythms such as Bembe - a word which means "festival" or "confusion". Cuba bembe is played with music and dance where it is transformed into a cuban folklore rhythm. 'Vodu' is a music and dance from Haiti dedicated to various loa's who dwell in the vodu pantheon as mythical gods. Loa's were named after the regions encompassed by the Niger and Congo rivers. Ethnic groups such as the Arada, Dahomey and Yoruba lived here together and in time merged to form the people living in Haiti. Conga de Oriental - the conga from santiago de cuba can be described as an entire collection. It combines West African, Haitian and Cuban styles of music which became very popular in 1940s Cuba.

Randy Hechavarria

Afro-Cuban Percussion


Randy Hechavarria

Randy Lester Hechavarria Gorguet was born in Santiago de Cuba, where he studied in the folkloric traditions of the east of Cuba, which has its traditions from Haiti, West Africa and Spain. When Randy was 15 he joined the military, where he was in the military band for 5 years until the age of 20. He left the military and played congas, timbal and bongo for popular groups in Santiago de Cuba and Havana, going on to play with a famous band called "Sur Caribe", touring around the world playing festivals and gigs.
Randy then settled in England where he carried on with his music career, playing and teaching at festivals such as Glastonbury, Womad, Lattitude, Drum camp and Afro-Cuban weekends all around the country. He has also played in clubs such as Ronnie Scotts, The Forge, The London Jazz Club, Cubans, Revolution de Cuba, Bar salsa and many more.




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