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Gnawa musicians were brought to Morocco from sub-Saharan Africa around the 11th century. They were trafficked as army and as slaves, and originated from many sub-Saharan countries including Mali, Senegal, Chad, and Nigeria.

Come and learn with us; Mohamed Errebbaa and Driss Yamdah the 10 centuries old Gnawa Dances and discover the different types of hand clapping rhythms to songs, accompanied by the Guembri sound. An immersive experience of Song, Dance & Rhythm.

I am happy to share with you 20 years of experience and learning of this music. I hope that participants will get to enjoy the interlocking hand clapping patterns that go together with the Gnawa Dance steps and techniques.

Mohamed Errebbaa

North African Gnawa & Clapping patterns and dance


Mohamed Errebbaa

Mohamed Errebbaa is a Maalem (Master) of Gnawa music originally from Rabat, Morocco. Mohamed Errebbaa trained in percussion with different types of North African traditional bands at the age of 10 years, and performed at weddings and special events from then on. He began learning Gnawa as a Koyo (percussion player) and dancer learning the Guembri at the age of 16 with Maalems Mustapha Aglaou, Abderahim Benthami, Said Oughassal and Moulay Ahmed. His initiation into the Gnawa tradition took 10 years. He then received the Guembri from the hand of his Master and the title of Maalem or Master in 2008 at age 26.

Mohamed is steeped in traditional Gnawa music which combines a repertoire of over 100 songs with ceremony, dance and rituals practiced for centuries. Gnawa music connects elements of the Arab music of the North and the music of sub-Saharan Africa with Sufi mysticism. The instruments he plays include Guembri (Moroccan Bass);Voice; Castanets; percussion; Djembe & Bendir.

Mohamed Errebbaa has participated in multiple ceremonies and musical collaborations with different Masters in Morocco.   
He has taught different workshops in Morocco and South Korea, as well as masterclasses in the University of Sousse in Tunisia before moving to the UK in March 2020.




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