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Bring water and wear comfy clothes ( shorts or leggings).

About Workshop

Let’s go to Brazil?
Find your spot in the sunshine and choose which rhythm Mariana Pinho will bring along to us! You have until 25th July to vote link below! Which will you choose:

Although Mariana has been one our of beloved teachers for many years, samba was never brought to our field!
Expect a lot of shimmies and over the top extravaganza as the samba is. Above all, it will s about resilience and joy as we overcome the last year !
The samba no pé step is quite technical so don’t worry if you don’t get it in one go as there will be plenty or hips shaking and smiles to match the vibe of this frenetic and powerful Carioca rhythm!

The dance which was Mariana’s debut at Doris; definitely taking the crowd by storm with some of the greatest feedbacks, “whole families finally joined and enjoyed a workshop together!”
The steps are very down to earth thanks to Afro Brazilian roots. The beats of the Afro Blocos are the key element that connects bodies and hearts to this movement. Expect some elements of samba de Roda as well!

A gem of our 1st ever festival at Stanford Hall, Maracatu brings us a beautiful flowing performance thanks to the movements reminiscent of the crowning celebration of the King of Congo. It is the mixture of Brazilian indigenous, African and European roots gathering of rhythms that makes it so unique to the ears and those who indulge in such wealthy cultural manifestation! Coco rhythm shall be used as warm up and of course, a ciranda circle dance finale to place our energy in one single chain!!"

Mariana Pinho

People's Choice


Mariana Pinho

Mariana has, since 2004, created a network of
companies, organizations and brazilian inspired groups as partners for her endeavors in the
field of dance and costume.
In Brazil, she worked and performed with Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel, Porto da Pedra as well as once in a year in depth training in Olinda, learning and performing with Maracatu, Afoxes and Samba groups from Pernambuco and travelling to
Salvador, Rio and other cities to deepen her knowledge and skills.
Mariana unfolds her knowledge and charisma through the inclusion of many types of groups such as homeless, refugee groups, special needs, elderly groups, schools and throughout the pandemia, has taught online raising funds for artists and organisations in need.
Since 2009, she has produced and works as Artistic Director through the resident group Maracatudo Mafua under her Arts Organization Gandaia Arts; both winners of Press Awards for Dance & Folk and Brazilian Cultural Events..

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