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Cultural Focus:

Worldwide - the plants producing the oils are grown all over the world


Please bring your water and a cup

About Workshop

What are Essential Oils? An introduction to these potent emissaries of nature.... plus, a guided elemental and embodiment practice to bring us to a place where we allow our bodies' wisdom to choose the oil that is of most benefit for us, and hear its whisperings telling us how to use it. These highest quality Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are sourced from all over the world - wherever each plant grows indigenously and most successfully in its natural environment.
Essential Oils are complex and function in different ways for the plants that produce them and offer a multitude of potential uses for us humans as well. How to know what to use? We can refer to books and lists of common usage... and we can defer to the innate wisdom of our bodies to choose for us.
This talk/workshop includes a more in-depth exploration of what Essential Oils actually are, and then invites you to drop out of the mental realm through a guided practice - connecting with the elemental energies we are a part of, coming more fully into our bodies and then trusting them chose an oil for you to use in the moment.

Louise Carpenter

Embodied Essential Oils


Louise Carpenter

Louise is a vibrational magician who loves having fun with sound, movement, colour and scents. She has facilitated personal transformation for 20+ years and is inspired every day by the beauty and wonder of the natural world and the potency of the elements as the dance within us and throughout the universe. Louise loves sharing this joy with others and contributing to a harmonious world from a place of embodiment and connection.
Louise has shared her love of Essential Oils via talks and workshops for the last two years at Doris, and regularly brings them into other areas of her work - monthly Sunday afternoon outdoor movement relaxation workshops, and to assist one to one deep processes. She has a market stall where she introduces people to some of her bespoke blends and loves bringing together personalised perfumes. As she awaits sustainable travel options, the oils bring the world to her!




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